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.: Herm has been producing

country music for the last eighteen years. In that time Herm has recorded and produced some of the biggest names in country music .
He has produced eight consective Star Maker winners beginning with Kate Ballantyne in 1998 to gold guitar winner
Samantha McClymont in 2005 .
Herm has produced countless number of top ten hits with a string of these hitting number 1 as well as a swag of golden guitar
winning records.

.: Some of the acts

Herm has produced are Carter & Carter, Laurel Edwards, Travis Collins, Harmony James, Samantha McClymont, Kylie Sackley,
Brendon Walmsley, Mistin, Southbound, Karen Lynne, Crosby Sisters, Darren Colston, Johanna Hemara, Leila Fisher ,Ami Williamson,
Steve Cheers, Kate Ballantyne, Grant Richardson, Stacey Morris, Kelly Black, Carol Donovan, Sharon Lane, Ronni Rae Rivers,
Simply Bushed, Michael Rose, Alice Benfer, Michael Rose, Tim Richards and more.

.: Country Tracks Top 30

So far Herms produced singles tally 92 in top 30
80 of those got in top 20
64 in top 10
42 in top 5
34 in top 3
13 at number 1