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U 67










effects rack

.: Console and Recorders

MCI 500 "classic" 42 channel console
Pro Tools HD2, Pro Tools native, 32 in 32 out
MCI JH16 24 track 2inch tape recorder
Studer B67 1/4 inch 2 track with Dolby A, DolbySR
Otari 2 track tape machine
PARIS 128 track digital
Logic Pro X

.: Preamps and Processors

Manley Voxbox
Telefunken V72 tube preamp
Langevin Pultec type EQP1-A

.: Compressors

Urie 1176LN blackface (E series)
DBX 160 x 4
TLA Audio Ivory tube
LA Audio classic compressor

.: Microphones

Nuemann U48 tube
Nuemann U67 tube
Nuemann U87x2
Nuemann FET 47
AKG C60 tube
AKG C12B tube
Sennheizer 414
Sennheizer 412
Shure SM 57 x 2
Electro Voice RE 20 x 3
Rode NT5 pair
Rode NT4
Rode ribbon

.: Monitors and Power Amps

Tannoy Gold 8
Yamaha NS 10
Australian Monitor Opal 2802
Australian Monitor AMH2400